90`s babe

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Poland. Model is Monika Piela. Photography by Karol Samborski. Style, make up and hair by Wero Wysoczyńska. Brands are Martyna Koltun, Mateusz Jagodziński, Misbhv. Rita Krzysiek Shoes Made In Poland, Paradvcon, Dissociative, Hubert Kołodziejski Jewelry.

“I would like to share with you our latest project. Calls 90`s babe and it reminds me of the super cool time of growing up in the ’90s. This editorial was raised during ATB music sounds. My inspiration was Spice Girls (I was huge fun when I was 12yo :D), RnB music, and a little bit post soviet vibe.”

Photography by Karol Samborski / @karol.samborski
Model is Monika Piela / @pielamonika
Style, makeup and hair by Wero Wysoczyńska @wero_wysoczynska