A boy and his pipe

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Alessandro Amarante. “In my last editorial entitled “A Boy and his Pipe”, I wanted to capture the masculine energy and naturalness of the man in his purest form. A key moment of the shoot was when the model got wet with the garden hose. The play of light and water gave the shot a raw and untamed aesthetic that emphasized the strength and vitality of the man, as well as the fact that the “playful little boy” is in every man.”

“After he had freshened up, I positioned the man in the warm sun to emphasize the contrast between wetness and dryness. The sun’s rays enveloped him like a cloak as he slowly dried, revealing the natural beauty of his body. This snapshot symbolizes the man’s connection with nature and his strength.

Overall, the editorial was a tribute to unadulterated masculinity and the beauty of a man’s life’s simple yet powerful moments. It was a pleasure to capture this essence in images inviting viewers to reflect on traditional notions of masculinity and discover new perspectives.” *Alessandro Amarante

Model: @mario.clara
Photography and Styling: @alessandro_amarante_
Assistent: @corkypages