A boy’s story by Ken Claes

A KALTBLUT exclusive from from Antwerp, Belgium. Photography by Ken Claes. Models are Romain Piron signed at IMM Bruxelles and Casper Nuyens. Makeup by Emmanuelle Bastiaenssen. Styling by Nina Dancet. Brands and designers are Laura Silberzahn, Hannah Julie Jaspers, Nico Verhaegen, Le Collectionist, Boss, Hugo Boss, Prada, COS, &otherstories.

“In this editorial my team and I explored our interest for raw, male beauty and timeless fashion.
This in combination with my love for nature, the setting was a beautiful nature reserve near my hometown of Antwerp. Through these textured black and white images we portrayed a sense of winter melancholia.” *Ken Claes 

Photography by Ken Claes / www.kenclaes.com / Instagram: @ken.claes
Models are Romain Piron signed at IMM Bruxelles / Instagram: @r_piron
Casper Nuyens unsigned / Instagram: @caspernuyens
Makeup by Emmanuelle Bastiaenssen / Instagram: @emmanuelle.bastiaenssen
Styling by Nina Dancet / Instagram: @ninacatalinadancet