A Fashion Photographic Project Part 4 – ANXIETY

Introducing the photography project by Al Sarcoli (MA Fashion Photography at the University for the Creative Arts). Based in the UK. Part 4: ANXIETY. Model is Andreas Papaioannou

Nowadays, anxiety is a common problem in the majority of young people. Being constantly living up to expectations, pressure and social acceptance, the constant search for emotional and economic stability are factors, among others, very present in our day today.

The new foundations of our hostile world, disguised under the layer of capitalism and social progressivism, has shown us that everything is fragile. Everything is ephemeral. And that, sometimes, causes anxiety.

The Anxiety I – Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety II – Selective Mutism

Anxiety III – Caused by Normative Canons

Anxiety IV – Sexual Context

Anxiety V – Caused by Drug Use

Anxiety VI – Agoraphobia


Creative Direction & Photography by Al Sarcoli / cargocollective.com/alsarcoli/ANXIETY / Instagram: @alsarcoli

Photographic Assistant is Yuxin Shi / Instagram: @boomboom_ban

Model is Andreas Papaioannou / Instagram: @nasblod