A Girl Who Fell To Earth by Natasha Spalding

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Natasha Spalding. A fashion and portrait photographer based in the UK. Her interest is in exploring imagination, individuality and concepts. Model is Dobrawa Zowisło signed at Named Models. Styling by Klaudia Trz. Makeup and hair by Aoife Hipkin.

‘A Girl Who Fell To Earth’ is a story about how we try to adapt and find our true selves in the ever changing world. We go through stages from denial to raging to coming to terms with our identities. The journey is not an easy one but it makes us stronger. 

Paper was used for outfits created by independent designers specifically for this editorial. Paper keeps the stories of humankind. Scrolls and books pass them from one generation to another. They are evidence of our journeys. 

Photography by Natasha Spalding / Instagram: @nata_spalding

Model is Dobrawa Zowisło signed at Named Models / Instagram: @iamdobrawa

Styling by Klaudia Trz / Instagram: @foxinaglove

Makeup and hair by Aoife Hipkin / Instagram: @aoifehannah_artist

Designer Cate Ward / Instagram: @catewardfashion

Designer Mónica A. Bruno / Instagram: @mabgiab

Designer Fox In A Glove / Instagram: @foxinaglove