A lovely young tree outside my window! Photography by Maurício Kessler

A KALTBLUT exclusive womenswear editorial. Photography by Maurício Kessler. Models are Naíme Rodrigues and Anita Pozzo, signed at Joy Model. Styling by Julia Feil. Makeup by Kaka Oliveira. Fashion Production by Elleonora Zalewski. Production by Clava.

Shirt: Giovanna Dontal
Body: Cotton Project
Scarf: Cotton Project
Bag: Guess
Pant: Lupo

Turtle Neck: Juliana Franarin
Pants: Lucas Leao
Shoes: Stylist’s Own
Top And Pants: Lucas Leão
Shoes: Doctor Martens
Earrings: Serpent’ne

Scarf: Cotton Project
Crop: Top Lupo
Dress: 1 And 2 Marcelo Von Trapp
Pant: Lupo
Shoes: Guarda Roupa Sp

Gown: Korshi
Blouse: Stylist’s Own
Pant: Cajá
Shoes: Arezzo
Choker: Tvz

Coat And Pant: Korshi
Body Vintage: Dior
Bracelet: Stylist’s Own

Photography by Maurício Kessler / Instagram: @kelvvvvvvvin

Styling by Julia Feil / Instagram: @juliafeil
Models are Naíme Rodrigues signed at Joy Model / Instagram: @naimerodriguess and Anita Pozzo signed at Joy Model / Instagram @anitapozzo

Make up by Kaka Oliveira / kakaoliveirabeauty.tumblr.com / Instagram: @kaka.oliveira

Fashion Production by Elleonora Zalewski / Instagram: @noramzalewski

Objects design: Pedro Lunardi / Instagram: @pedro.lunardi

Color Grading by Clava / www.clava.co / Instagram: @clava.co

Fashion Production by Hebe / Instagram: @hebe.wtf

Production by Clava  Instagram: @clava.co