A Myriad Mind

KALTBLUT presents A Myriad Mind – a dance film about our minds and their pluralistic personas. Berlin-based performer and movement director Marie Zechiel’s latest visual narration takes us on a journey through our subconsciousness. This gripping one-shot composition is portraying the momentum of our internal and external discussions. It´s about the challenges our minds encounter while negotiating our diverse beliefs.

It is an intriguing and imaginative piece visualising five dancers locked in a space that depicts our innermost selves. They are longing for balance in every reoccurring loop exploring our fundamental beliefs. This society of mind is revealed through Marie Zechiel’s sharp yet unifying choreography which highlights the confusion of our minds and also our desire for inner harmony.

„A Myriad Mind“ is a dance film captured in one continuous shot, collaboratively realised by Marie Zechiel, director I AM JOHANNES and DoP Lasse Liebelt. The project required a special room without an entrance designed and built by Lothar Heinert to realise the original concept. The five dancers plus the camera and lighting crew were constantly locked inside demanding a secondary choreography ensuring perfect timings to hide or reveal to make the illusion become reality.

concept & creative direction by Marie Zechiel / www.mariezechiel.com / Instagram: @mariezechiel

 Mihael Belilov /Instagram: @mihaelbelilovofficial 

Maximilian Gärtner / Instagram: @mx_gaertner
Jaewon Jung / Instagram: @jaewon_jung

Siri Elmqvist / Instagram: @sirielmqvist

Susanne Eder /Instagram @suse_eder
Agency for M. Belilov is Esselle Agency / www.esselle-agency.com / Instagram: @esselle_agency

directed by I AM JOHANNES / www.iamjohannes.com / Instagram: @i.am.johannes
choreography by Marie Zechiel / www.movementdirector.de / Instagram: @movementdirector
DoP Lasse Liebelt / Instagram: @lasseliebelt

production by Dina Randriaminahy / Instagram: @iam_d_girl
AC & focus pulling by Christoph Hövel @vinylvices
music composition by Bill Youngman
editing by metawaste / Instagram: @metawaste
colorgrading by Manuel Schamberger / www.manuelschamberger.com / Instagram: @manuelschamberger
styling by Sandra Hemmink / Instagram: @sandra__hemmink

make-up by Aurelia Braga de Matos / www.aureliabragadematos.de / Instagram: @aurelia_braga_de_matos_

Building by Lothar Heinert, Henning Deertz / www.movementdirector.de
painting by Fabrice Scholz / www.movementdirector.de


Greta Isabella Conte / Instagram: @greta_isabella_conte

Fabiana Erhard / Instagram: @marylou.13
Lena Lenosaurus Krause / Instagram: @lenakatharinakrause