left: Bristol F/W17-18 - right: Krammer & Stoudt F/W17-18

A Photographers View on New York Fashion Week Men’s – Part 1

A KALTBLUT exclusive photography view on New York Fashion Week Men’s Fall/Winter 2017-18 by Leila Jacue. NY based photographer Leila Jacue went once again for us to the fashion fest at the Big Apple to shot some of her amazing images. Part 1 is featuring new collections by BristolKozaburo and Krammer & Stoudt. All photos by Leila Jacue www.leilajacue.com

Bristol Fall/Winter 2017-18

“This season Bristol took inspiration from center court. Inspired by the designers’ “hoop idols,” such as Kobe Bryant and Tracy McGrady, the collection titled “Hoop Dreams” exuded an effortless swagger. From pieces of clothing that literally swayed with the model’s body movements to metallic sweatsuits and classic Adidas shoes, athletes and fashion lovers alike can translate this collection from the courts to the catwalk.”

Kozaburo Fall/Winter 2017-18

Kozaburo’s third season brings you the Adams’ Family chicer mansion. Juxtaposing deconstructed pieces with tailored coats and platform red shoes, the Kozaburo aesthetic is definitely one of a kind. The presentation room echoed the edgy vibe exuded by the clothes and the models themselves, who were adorned in metal accessories by Kota Okuda and Mizuki Ichinose.”

Krammer & Stoudt Fall/Winter 2017-18

Krammer & Stoudt took us back the Wild West. Bandanas, jeans and flannel were dominant throughout the collection but the tailoring and styling brought a modern, deconstructed edge. Instead of classic jeans, models wore jean culottes and instead of flannel shirts they were tied around the waist as a belt. Every model wore at least two jackets and were topped with a beanie, further updating the Western vibe.”