A stuffy, summer day

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographers are Aleksandra Jewuła and Julia Sokołowska. Models are Adam Kufel and Alicja Jurek. Make up by Magdalena Szczepaniak. Fashion by Tokarzewska. “My name is Julia Sokołowska, together with Aleksandra Jewuła we are young photographers affiliated with the University of Arts in Poznań. The session entitled “A stuffy, summer day” is a synesthesia of a sultry Polish summer.”


elevated puls rate


Increasing ambient sounds become more and more muffeld, merging into one unreadable string. The eyesight can’t focus on one element, running back and forth. Everything is occuring. Emotions are boiling over.A wave of heat hits with tremendous power. A deafening, penetrating silence follows. Soon it will be all over. Soon the sultry, summer day will come to an end.

Photographers are Aleksandra Jewuła / Instagram: @aleksandrajewula and Julia Sokołowska / Instagram: @j_sokolowska
Models are Adam Kufel Instagram: @aluzja_ and Alicja Jurek  Instagram: @spikyuterus
Make up by Magdalena Szczepaniak / Instagram: @magdalenaszczepaniak

Fashion by Tokarzewska / Instagram: @tokarzewska
Dr. Martens @drmartensofficial / Vintage items