A Violent Poison (That’s what love is)! Photography by Kalia Genova

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photographer Kalia Genova captured Corinne and Viktor for us. Styling by Alessandra Mastantuoni using fashion by Francesca Cottone. The project has been inspired by the relationship between man and woman. The lyrics of the song of Serge Gainsbourg and Mick Harvey – A Violent Poison ( That’s what love is ) is part of the editing, in the begging of the photo and at the end.



Photographer Kalia Genova www.kaliagenova.com    www.instagram.com/kaliagenova

Styling Alessandra Mastantuoni    www.instagram.com/alemasta

Model  Corinne   www.instagram.com/corinnepiccolo

Model  Vitor  www.instagram.com/vitorjcarvalho

Make up & Hair  Sandra Monterosso www.instagram.com/sandramonterosso

All clothes Francesca Cottone  www.instagram.com/francescacottone.design


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