Abnormal by Costantinos Varotsos

Costantinos Varotsos is a half Greek, half Italian photographer. For this project, Varotsos teamed up with Art Director Stella Papakostas and model Konstantinos Stergiou. The focus of this series is on boundaries. More specifically, it examines the boundaries between reality and illusion. The demarcation between these two opposing situations (reality vs illusion), lies in the synthesis of the final image, namely in the transformation of the human factor (existing element) into a visual illusion (non-existent element).

Team Credits:

Photographer is Constantinos Varotsos
Instagram: @c.varotsos

Art Director and Stylist is Stella Papakostas
Instagram: @stel_pa

Model is Konstantinos Stergiou
Instagram: @constantine.stergiou  // @Thelegionmgt