Absurda! Photography by Fanny Truchi

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Fanny Truchi. Model is Hugo signed at ROCK MEN. Styling by Auriane Oster using vintage items and Lavin. Make up & hair by Léna Rogoff.

Dress by Lanvin

Photography by Fanny Truchi / fannytruchi.com / www.instagram.com/truchifanny
Styling by Auriane Oster / www.instagram.com/aurianoster
Make up & hair by Léna Rogoff / www.lenarogov.com / www.instagram.com/lenarogov
Model is Hugo signed at ROCK MEN / www.instagram.com/_hugoschneider_
Photo assistants are Gabriel Francez and Félix Terreyre Saint-Cast



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