A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and concept by Camilo Delpin. Models are Violeta and Jarod. Fashion by Paola Agullo. Make up by Julio Olguin. Hair by Male Retamales for Bob Studio. Produced by Nu estudio.

The Aconcagua, located in South America, is the highest peak in the southern and western hemispheres; it is also the highest mountain on Earth among those outside the Himalayan system. For our worldview it is also a very important Apu (spiritual entity) and Achachilla (grandfather) and a spiritual sanctuary for the original Inca culture.

Photography and concept by Camilo Delpin / / Instagram: @camilodelpin
Fashion by Paola Agullo / / @paolaagullo
Make up by Julio Olguin / @jvliolgvins
Hair by Male Retamales @malemales for Bob Studio
Set design @valefigueroa
Produced by Nu estudio @nu_estudio
Assistant photo Felysa @fe.lysa – Cristobal @crisaa____
Assistent Hair Damaris @dam_hair_artist

Models are Violeta @violeta.silvestre_ for @welovemodels._
Jarod @undeadform for @12mngmnt

brands: Gucci vintage / Versace vintage / Nostalgic / Lovemade / the vintage sisters / dolce & gabbana / Saint Laurent / Alexander Wang / Cerio / Artesanias de Chile @artesaniasdechile