ADIRA – first Arabic*-queer Drag Festival 

Adira, an expression deeply woven into the queer lexicon of the Levant, originates from the Arabic adjective “qadira,” signifying capability and accomplishment. In the vibrant whirls of queer circles, it is a badge worn by those with a magnetic presence, articulating and achieving desires with unmistakable flair.

ADIRA Drag Festival: A Manifesto in Motion

Marked as a pioneering celebration, ADIRA Drag Festival emerges as the inaugural Arab* drag and music extravaganza, challenging orientalist narratives through thrilling drag performances intertwined with the pulsating beats of Arab*-pop music. ADIRA carves a space in the cultural ether that explores and honours the intricate relationship between drag and the diverse popular cultures of the Arabic-speaking territories.

Berlin, the Stage for an Arab Artistic Ode*

On June 8th, 2024, the cultural tapestry of Berlin will be enlivened with the presence of ADIRA—hosted at Club Gretchen (Obentrautstraße 19-21, 10963). This one-day festival promises a kaleidoscope of activities; from immersive workshops and intensifying panel discussions to a spectrum of drag performances and DJ sets, all culminating into a film documentary.

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A Call to Reclaim: Voices, Visions, and Victories

ADIRA is not merely a festival; it’s a resonant call for queer joy, artistic expression, and narrative reclamation—celebrating and centralizing the formidable talent and resilience of Arab* drag artists in Berlin and beyond. Here, the voices of artists aren’t just heard but echoed, shaping a collective testimony of strength and creativity.

Riding on the waves of ADIRA PARTY’s electrifying success, the festival is set to revisit the nostalgic realms of the 80s, 90s, and early 00s Arab* pop music scene. This reverberating backdrop sets the stage for a communal space that’s both empowering and safe, echoing the timeless tunes of icons from Nawal to Nancy.

Resistance through Revelry: The Legacy of Drag

Drag as Resistance celebrates the enduring saga of those who have used the art form as a shield and a statement, from the theatrical dazzle of Sherihan to the charismatic Bassem Feghali. ADIRA is more than a festival; it’s a homage to the ancestors of queer visibility and a front against rigid gender norms.

On the Calendar: A Day of Passionate Perseverance

As we countdown to June 8th, ADIRA stands not just as an event but as a monument to collective resistance and triumph in the face of adversity. This date also marks the poignant remembrance of Sarah Hegazi’s tragic narrative—a stark reminder of why such spaces are sanctuaries of solidarity.

This festival is a collaborative endeavor with the Critical Queer Solidarity e.V. and a constellation of talents like Artistic Director Hassandra, and visionaries like Zain Saleh in communication, and Imad Gebrael handling visual narration.

Mark the Date: Embrace, Experience, and Echo the Quintessence of ADIRA

With profound support from Fonds Soziokultur e.V., and Musicboard Berlin, ADIRA is set to be a beacon of artistry and advocacy—a symphony of voices reclaiming their agency through the majestic and transformative realm of drag.

Step into ADIRA’s universe—where every performance, every song, and every story is a salute to the indomitable spirit of the Arab* queer community.