After School Special

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Poland. Photographer Marcin Ziolko captured Soraya, Kacper, Oskar @ Orange Warsaw for us. Styled by Mateusz Banka using fashion by Miss Malwia, Bartmanska, New Rock, Secret Room and ZARA. Make up by Natalia Makowska. Hair by Marcin Ziolko. Production by Malwina Iwanska. 

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photographer: Marcin Ziolko @Facebook
styling: Mateusz Banka @Facebook
styling assistants: Malwina Iwanska, Marcin Ziolko
make up: Natalia Makowska @Facebook
hair: Marcin Ziolko
production: Malwina Iwanska
models: Soraya, Kacper, Oskar @ Orange Warsaw


chokers – Miss Malwia – bomber jacker, pleather vest – stylist’s own  – bodysuit – Bartmanska – shoes – New Rock, Secret Room – everything else – ZARA

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