ALEX MULLINS Autumn/Winter 2019 – BOY BYE

#Backstage at Alex Mullins! The invitation to Alex Mullins AW19 portrayed the usual show formalities/information required, only this time the relevant text happened to also contain a mirror image opposite. I was intrigued by this at first glance, wondering if the catwalk would feature reflections of the models themselves or the clothing would perhaps be worn reversed or even back to front or upside down. An invite always holds a clue of some description.

I was however a tad disappointed to discover that this little hint actually referred to the idea of taking our everyday conception of traditional and modern menswear alike and flipping it by having an all female runway. When you come to a menswear show at menswear fashionweek, you expect to see at least one male model on the runway. That being said, these women wore the hell out of this collection, effortlessly styled and beautifully made, an array of super wearable designs were sent down the runway from the first look, a cowboy inspired ensemble of chocolate brown and cream, to the very last, a neon pink power suit.

Simple and sophisticated, the earthy, neutral tones, the triple denim combos, the exquisitely tailored overcoats and the colourful, quirky knits were a dream come true. I just wish that dream had a penis. But for the sake of the show and the concept, I get it so I’ll forgive and forget. Until next time Alex.

Photography: Karl  Slater

Text: Lewis Robert Cameron