Alicia Amira – Bimbofication! An Interview

I first noticed Alicia Amira on Instagram a long time ago and been interested in her bimbofication and bodymodification journey ever since. The Bimbo Queen, Pornstar and self proclaimed Fuck Doll is a Scandinavian Girl between London/LA. In between fillers, Alicia is al about girl power and fighting stereotypes, cyberbullying and bodyshaming. If you are wondering what is so special about her, be assured: everything is!

Have you been into bimbofication for a long time now? Do you remember how you first got into it? Were you unsatisfied with your looks or was it simply a love for a more “plastic” look? How did you get started?

To be honest I don’t remember one certain date when I thought to myself: bimbofication, that’s what I want to pursue. It’s kind of been there in the back of my mind for as long as I can remember, only I didn’t know what it was that was there. I didn’t know to call it bimbofication, I just knew that I had a strong fascination with bodymodification, blonde busty women, and it exited me to be a sexual object. I used to just call it objectification, because that was what excited me 5 years ago. At that time I looked different from what I do now. I had more of a “gothy” look, I collected vintage black leather jackets and black lace capes and I loved it.

I have never been unhappy with how I look – on the contrary actually. I loved how I looked. I have always had a natural confidence in myself, so when I first started to “change” my look it wasn’t because I wasn’t happy with my face or body. It was merely because the art of bodymodification was, and still is, very interesting to me. I don’t think of it as “changing my look” I think of it as evolving. From a young age I’ve been deeply fascinated with the community in the sexindustry. I loved movies where you got to see strippers backstage and that beautiful bond and connection the girls had to each other. It was porn stars, show girls, strippers – basically all girls in the adult industry that I looked up to. When I was a kid, even a teenager, it wasnt popular to be nice to eachother. I know it sounds so stupid, but it just wasn’t. Girls were so mean to eachother, and the resting bitch face was really happening. It was all about being skinny, the skinnier the better (I’m talking around 2004) and I had to look elsewhere for inspiration because I hated that bitchiness and that fashion. I had to look to pornstars, strippers etc to find that girl power community I loved so much. The sisterhood. So those girls was who I could relate to, when everyone else thought I was mad. One year at a time and it kinda just grew into a passion and a dream of mine to be like some of these girls inspiring me in my early teenage years. Also, very early on, I dreamed of one day being like one of those big busty blonde women that I thought were so beautiful – that was a beauty standard I could relate to rather than women like Victoria Beckham that was popular back then for being super skinny. I just didn’t have the strength to just say “fuck it” imma pursue my dream of bodymodification, occupation and everything. I used to work and be in the creative underground community in Copenhagen (Denmark where I grew up) and I didn’t know how to go about “publicly declaring” my interest in dollification (as I called it at that time) because I found it isn’t as accepted a bodymodification art as say scarification or whatever. So it wasn’t until I moved to London in 2014 that I actually started to pursue my dream. Compared to Copenhagen, London is huge and it’s much easier to be anonymous. That’s when I first really started dressing differently, and with that came the alterations I have had done to my face and body. I still didn’t know about bimbofication. I swear to god I used to call it dollification until I started calling myself a Bimbo and then I naturally called it bimbofication – little did I know at the time that that was actually an already existing fetish. Everything just fell into place when I discovered that.

You have undergone several bodymod procedures. Which one was the most painful one and which one the most satisfactory in terms of result?

I think this is actually a very misunderstood topic, cause, at least in my opinion, I haven’t undergone that many bodymod procedures. I’ve only had 1 surgery, but I have had a lot of fillers and Botox done to be fair. So for that reason I have to say that my breast enlargement surgery was by far the worst. I had the implants placed under the muscle, and it was very painful indeed. It always hurts to get my lips blown up (as I call it), but it’s a pain that’s very quick – kind of like getting vaccinations. But, even though it was the most painful one the breast enlargement has definitely also been the one I am most happy with. I loved my breasts before I had them enlarged, like I LOVED them, but I wanted that “fake” look that I love so much. And my surgeon made me proud – if she did xl breast enlargement I would definitely choose her again when I’m having them done bigger, but unfortunately she doesn’t perform that kind of surgery.

You are a strong woman speaking her mind and you want to empower other women to do the same. Has it always been that way or is it something you have acquired during the process? How easy or difficult is it getting people to listen to you?

I’ve always spoken my mind. I know I’ve been very blessed cause I’ve always had the confidence to speak my mind. I’ve had a very happy childhood, a supportive family and a lot of wonderful friends. I haven’t had the same obstacles I know so many people have and are being faced with daily. My challenge was to come clear with my interest in bimbofication and tell my parents that I do porn, and that wasn’t the easiest thing either. I have always reflected a lot on life and on the way we interact with each other. Social media has been great in so many aspects, girl power has grown immensely because of it and most of the girls I interact with through social media are so supportive and empowering. I love it! Unfortunately, social media also give hate a voice and that’s a huge challenge to be faced with daily. Maybe not for me, but imagine maybe doubting yourself, hating yourself, your life, your everything and then get thrown shit directly in your face… online bullying is one of the worst things ever! I know of people taking their own life because of it. Isn’t it just a brutal world we live in when we allow that to happen? I find, in my position, I should try and inspire others to also be proud of themselves no matter what others might think. Cause it’s not easy. I know. Looking the way I do, like a bimbo, is hard. Everyday. People meet me with judgement – they are being fed all of these stigmas about what a girl looking like me is like. Stupid, airhead, easy, broken, self obsessed etc. And it’s hard to be taken seriously for the person that I actually am. I’m way more than my look, but as we all know, people (I’m generalising a lot now, sorry for that) judge others on their appearance. I basically came from no obstacles to creating a lot of obstacles for my self because I chose to pursue my dream. And surely I’m not the only one doing the exact same – if you are different, looking different, saying something different you are unfortunately bound to get hate thrown at you – it can be a tough burden to bare if your self confidence is still evolving. That’s why I speak my mind… a lot. To help create beautiful bonds of love between all of us that are being challenged because of who we are. It’s like this, you have a choice: live your life to the fullest and believe in yourself. And that is, as I see it, the only choice that should be. Sometimes we just need to empower and help each other to get there.

Some people still think “oh she got plastic surgery so she must be obsessed with beauty standards”. But following you on instagram for some time now I must say you are one of the most body positive people I know. What are some of the biggest misconceptions you have come across?

How much time do you have? Haha there are so many misconceptions related to what I do and who I am. When it’s not deeply annoying it’s actually really amusing for me to read and listen to people’s thoughts about what, who and how I am. I definitely have heard a thousand times that I am surgery obsessed… it’s mostly from the tabloids and it’s been interesting to read these things about myself sitting at home in my chair having had 1 (I repeat, one) actual surgery. But I think to myself, let people write what they know. What frustrates me most is when I hear people saying that I’m not happy with how I look and that they think I’m changing whatever because I want to look different. That always gives me the creeps because it couldn’t be further from the truth. Basically, I don’t think anyone should change anything on their body out of hate, or with the dream of having something somebody else is having. (Except if you are starting your transgender transition and want to look more feminine/masculine, I understand that that’s a different situation.) I think the most important thing is self love first of all. For me it’s like getting a tattoo… i don’t think to myself when I’ve had a new tattoo done “oh WOW I look so different now”. And I don’t get a tattoo in order to look different. I get one because I like it. The design. The process. The experience. The healing. The aftermath. Everything about it. It’s the same for me when getting fillers – I’m not doing it because I want to look a certain way one day. I do it because one step at a time I love the tiniest bit. I don’t wish to look different, I am only living my fetish and fantasy. In my own world of art. Bimbo art. I don’t think everyone should pursue fillers, Botox or plastic surgery – how boring would it be if we all looked alike. I personally believe that the Kardashian klan has created an unhealthy beauty image for young girls. They are 100% unreal. I love their look, don’t get me wrong, but it’s definetely something that keeps the unhealthy beauty standard in check. I see young teenage girls overpainting their lips and contouring the shit out of their faces… I swear to god they look like they are 21 years old. What happens to these girls when they turn 18? Do they go get their lips blown up because they want that look? And if they do, do they then do it because that’s the beauty standard or is it because they are being their original self creating their own dreams? Or did someone create those dreams for them? I don’t think it’s healthy to confuse or compare other people’s lives with your own reality. As much as I love plastic I also think the fashion created around it basically pulls in another direction than we as a female empowerment movement have been trying to push the last decades. I know it might sound contradictory of me saying so – I’m not saying I don’t LOVE plastic, cause I do, I really do – I’m just saying that people, girls or guys, getting things done in terms of fillers, Botox, surgery, whatever that drastically change their appearance should be able to love themselves before the procedure. It’s all about self love in my opinion, really. Look at my teeth for instance – they are not straight, at all, and I also have bugteeth, but that’s what makes me me. My nose is not the smallest on the planet either, but I love it and I’ve loved it for the 28 years we have had together. People (or haters as I call them) often tell me “maybe you should consider getting a nose job first” or “fix your teeth”. These are the same people that hate on me for getting surgery in the first place btw. So no matter what you can never win. There will always be someone out there to judge you. And I just don’t think you yourself should be one of them. Maybe I’ll change those things in time. Maybe I won’t. But if I do it will be because I wanted to because I love the art of the change and not because I felt the need to change in order to fit in. Everything is a process. And bimbofication is too. But self love first of all. Then you go slay the world.

You are also a pornstar now. You already mentioned this before, but is this something you always had in mind? Or how did this come about? What are your thoughts on that?

It’s actually a dream I’ve had for a very long time. When I was in my early teenage years, maybe even a bit younger actually, I wanted to be a stripper. I’ve always been very sexually driven and I find big enjoyment in people viewing me as a sexual object – because I allow them to. Not because that’s the only thing that I am, but because it’s a fetish of mine. When I first started to be fascinated by porn, and porn stars in general, I was probably way too young actually. But as I said it was a community I looked up to – a community I idolised. Surely I didn’t know anything about the more dodgy side to the sexindustry, and luckily I still haven’t been faced with it. The girls that I get in contact with are the strongest, fun, inspiring and beautiful people I have ever met. It’s a family. No drama, just pure love. It’s important for people to understand that the fact that I’m into bimbofication AND am working in the porn industry doesn’t have anything to do with each other. It’s just two separate fantasies and dreams of mine and I found a way for them to coexist (not that that was particularly hard haha). And also, to me there’s nothing as empowering and freeing as being naked all over the Internet. I don’t understand what people are so afraid of, like it’s just my body. Surely it’s very intimate for a lot of people, sex and everything, but for me it’s just a part of the fun. It’s both a fantasy and work. And every time I think about “do I look good enough in this photo I am gonna post on my Instagram” I always also think “fuck it, take me as I am.” It’s like a vail behind which you can hide has been taken away and what’s left is 100% me.

What is coming next? I know bodymodification is a journey. So what is coming next? And what are your next career moves?

That is such a great question cause I don’t plan that much ahead. I have a business plan, but mostly I’m going wherever life leads me. But that being said, I’m working on my own clothing line at the moment (cause honestly I struggle to find the exact right clothes that I want to wear). I’m also working on an Alicia Amira real sex doll. That’s such an interesting process and hopefully it will be the end of this year. But I have so many dreams and plans, I would love to have my own tv series “a bimbo life” and also be a published author. I would also love to get to know more girls and guys like me better – creating a site where we can all meet up and take over the world. The negative stigma about bimbos is so last year. Bimbos are inspiring, creative, sexual and confident girls and it would be great to give something back to the people that keep writing me the sweetest heartfelt messages in terms of an online community. I’m truly blessed and proud to have helped opening the beautiful doors to the exiting world that is bimbofication. In terms of body modification there’s a lot of maintenance that comes along with getting fillers and Botox – but I also hope to have my breasts done bigger this year. I don’t have a shopping list where I can keep check with surgeries etc – it’s mostly a state of mind to me. Anyone can become a Bimbo if they know how to paint their face and are willing to dress like a bimbo… and bleach their hair. It’s just my personal interest in the actual bodymodifaction that I combine with my bimbofication.