All Eyes On: Patryk Grudowicz

overalls: Zara

A KALTBLUT exclusive male model feature from Poland. Photography by Koc & Stefanowski. Model is Patryk Grudowicz signed to Avant Models. Styled by Aleksandra Orawczak using Mango, zara, H&M, D&G amongst others. 

shirt: Mango, pants: H&M

vest: Dsquared, Pants: Zara, t-shirt: Mango

overalls: Zara

shirt: Mango jacket: Dolce&Gabbana pants: Zara belt: H&M

coat: Zara

coat: Zara pants: H&M, shoes: Zara

jacket: Dolece&Gabbana pants: H&M shoes: Mango

suit: The Spitalfields Clothing, sweater: Mango

suit: The Spitalfields Clothing, sweater: Mango

jacket, shirt: Mango

Photo: Koc & Stefanowski

ig @kocstefanowski 

Model: Patryk Grudowicz

ig @patryk_grudowicz

Avant Models

ig @avantmodelsagency

Stylist: Aleksandra Orawczak

ig @aleksandraorawczak

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