Alvaro Mars x SUMBOD1

Spanish designer Alvaro Mars unveiled his Fall/Winter 2021 collection during London Fashion Week. Welcome aboard the MAVRA SOLAR which transports you through space to the first runway on Mars. The story begins where humanity runs away from earth in the search of a new reality.  @sumb0d1_ / @alvaromarsinfo

Where the breaking of canons and rules is usual. Where most sordid dreams can come true. In this chaotic maelstrom of emotions and illusions, Alvaro creates a utopian scenario where patriarchy is not at the base of the system, he blurs the lines between genre roles with the visibility of all human kinds. Where civilians are not oppressed by the colour of their skin or their genitals. It’s just humanity pursuing authentic feelings, the endless search for vividness and life, and the expression of the purest beauty.

The Mars rover has officially touched down on the Jezero crater.

Since he could grab a pencil, the Spanish designer Alvaro began sketching women dressed in different outfits. His drawings evolved into what he called his “yellow muse” and he began to create entire collections. He always wanted to dedicate himself to design, even before knowing that it was a profession. Originally from Alicante (Spain), Alvaro Mártinez has studied the BA Hons Fashion Design degree at the University of Westminster validated by the IED of Barcelona and has worked for the Danish designer Anne Sofie Madsen and the designer Palomo Spain.