A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography, creative direction, Styling by Margarita Keller. All fashion by Knitwear Designer Christina Seewald. Margarita Keller (1994) is a Ukrainian born photographer based in Austria. She works as a visual artist, not limited by a particular medium, but mostly focused on documentary and fashion photography. Her practice involves extensive research of the connection between humanity and nature, post-soviet repercussions, exposed beauty and self-perception.

In her series “Ambiguous” Margarita tends to compose vivid staged fashion with an absurd narrative of life relating to gender, any kind of transformation and human initiations like growing up and ageing. The photographer’s critical approach also concentrates on challenging people to be more observant
about their reality.

Photography, creative direction, Styling by Margarita Keller / / Instagram: @margaritkeller
Models are:
Joana Roscheck / Instagram: @joanaroscheck
Halid Nuhu / Instagram: @nuhu__
Momo-Sara Branoff / Instagram: @momo.anuk
Matthias Dielacher / Instagram: @matthiasbalthazardielacher
Joana Fürnschuß / Instagram: @johana_ohne_h
Precious Nnebedum / Instagram: @badtgeh
Johanna Dorner / Instagram: @johannnisbeere
Magdalena E. / Instagram: @earthlin_g
Paul Kaddu / Instagram: @paulxgeorgex
Von-Heesen Timea / Instagram: @gibtimeazeit
Laure Kalfon

Knitwear Designer Christina Seewald @christina_seewald