Ambos Diablos by Santiago Proaño

Ambos diablos is a collection made by Santiago Proaño, an Ecuadorian fashion designer and creative director, born in the city of Quito – Ecuador. He arrived in Spain 3 years ago to study for a master’s degree in fashion design and creative direction. Since he was a child he was fascinated by the esoteric world and spiritual world. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Since he was born in an evangelical family he was close to the faith. His father was a minister, which also ignited his interest in experimenting spiritually in different ways with faith and researching about it. Over time he began to connect with the art world and to make collections with his own vision, closer to avant-garde or art-fashion proposals.

The collection AMBOS DIABLOS is inspired by the traditional festival called the ̈La Diablada de Píllaro ̈ that represents the Devil of the Catholic Church imposed by the Spanish conquest, where the natives made dances mocking the faith while representing the Devil with their clothes and attitude.

Santiago makes a contemporary reinterpretation of the collection with a more mystical and sculptural vision, like the vision that the aborigines had of their gods, more connected to nature and animals.
This collection represents the passage of the Spaniards in the conquest and all that they provoked, the division, the death, the imposition of a religion, the destruction of customs, beliefs and all the massacre that the conquest provoked.

Design and Creative Direction by Santiago Proaño / Instagram:
Photography by Emi Ramírez / Instagram: @emiblasphemy
Video editing by Alex Mosteiro / Instagram: @alexmosteiro
Model Lia Risevich / Instagram: @liarisevich
Model Nestor Soto / Instagram: @sb_nestor
Model Fall Saer / Instagram: @fall__black
Wardrove assistant Irina Gaidai / Instagram: @_irena_gaidai_
Fashion Brands used in shoes are: Demonia /