AMPHIBIA GEN by Marcs Harker

Marcs Harker is a 21-year-old, Madrid-based designer and multidisciplinary creative seeking new forms of expression and existing between established artforms. Not really into been fit in a box, he wants to experiment and explore the possibilities as a visual creator, leaning towards the darker side of his identity, the place where he gets all of his inspiration. ‘AMPHIBIA GEN’ explores a conceptual visual project that establishes a metaphor between the new underground generation and the animal kingdom’s infamous ‘freaks’.

“Yet, both share the same key for their existence: been able to free themselves from an oppressing society and adapt to a new ecosystem, evolving into a new and improved species; representing the future and a visionary conception of life, gender, and art. But they still deal with society and its barriers, which also provides them the fuel and desire for freedom, creativity, and expression.

Who will they become when the darkest liquid of trauma and oppression fields their veins and souls?
Their flooded minds contain the Future, as they rise to become the world’s greatest visionaries.”

Photography and Art Direction by Marcs Harker / Instagram: @marcs.harker
Models are Sergio Caba / Instagram: @sergiiocaba
Fabskum / Instagram: @_fab_skum_
Makeup and Hair by Fabskum / Instagram: @_fab_skum_
Styled by José A. Campillejo / Instagram: @josecampillejo
Illumination by Toya Legido / Instagram: @toyalegido

Brands are
New Rock, One Above Another, Bershka, Jaded London, Pull & Bear, Sex Shop.