An ode to masculinity

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Liliana Francisco. Model is Tiago de Sousa. Styling by Andreia Correia. Make up by Fatima Sergio. “The title we chose for this editorial is “An ode to masculinity”. The primary function of this project is to question and deconstruct society’s general norms around masculinity. The editorial is composed of 3 different moods with 2 different looks for each perspective. We observe a significant visual change in fashion throughout the story: the outfits become free from norms – there are no limits to what a man can or should be!”

Photography by Liliana Francisco / / Instagram: @lilianafrvncisco
Styling by Andreia Correia / Instagram: @andreiachanel
Make up by Fatima Sergio / Instagram: @__f.s.m_
Model is Tiago de Sousa / Instagram: @tiagomcdesousa

Brands used are Gant, Concreto, Kocca, Ottod’Ame, Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch & Soda, Lacoste and Twinset Actitude provided by Showpress showroom, Companhia das Soluções showroom and Globalpress showroom.

Instagram name of each brand: @gant @concretofashion @koccaofficial @ottodame @tommyhilfiger @scotch_soda @lacoste @actitude_twinset @showpress.pressoffice @companhiasolucoes @globalpress_showroom