Anche Un Uomo (Even A Man) by Francesco Greco

“Anche un uomo” (“Even a Man”) is a tribute and totally inspired project by the iconic Italian singer Mina and the photographer Mauro Balletti, his cover album creator during the years. Francesco Greco decided to make this tribute with Luca Pieretti, who recreated the extravagant make up and hairstyles, for the love of her music, inimitable career and the art that Balletti has created over the years.

Those photos tell some of them, a mix of photography and digital painting. (reference covers: Veleno, 2002; Rane Supreme, 1987; Attila, 1979; Catene, 1984; Caramella, 2010) .

Team Credits
Photography and photo retouching by Francesco Greco
Instagram: @francescogrecophoto
Make up & Hair by Luca Pieretti
Instagram: @lucapieretti_mua
Model: Thomas Capellari
Instagram: @thomas_cappellari