A KALTBLUT exclusive. Model is Rulfur. Photographer & Camera work by Elena Cichetti. Video work by Su Türktekin Özdemir. ‘Andreia’ is a collection of still and moving images that convey the overlooked strength of self-connection; a reflection of resilience and confidence produced by the assertive image of Rulfur.

Stephanie Uharts’ collection ‘Altered Perceptions’, and FCLXs’ ‘Pandemic,’ are inspired by the designers’ experiences of collective consciousness. Birthed through Uharts’ personal experience with meditation and hypnotherapy, ‘Altered Perceptions’ is an attempt to unify the body by “giving form to things that are treated as conceptual, visualising what I have no image for (Uhart).” Although seemingly bizarre or unusual at first glance, the pieces can be realised as nuanced explorations of the emotional journey that an individual must go through to forge the mind/body connection, paving the way to a sense of universality.

Working only with black latex, ‘Pandemic’ is inspired by the virus infecting routine life. Producing organic forms from industrial materials, FCLX questions the dark necessity of the clash with nature, brought by the unholy success of humanity. An attempt to be remedied by a synthetic skin, only to be torn by the threats created through deadly infection and overpopulation.

Displaying identities outside of the gender binary, ‘Andreia’ can also be considered a reappropriation of the ancient Greek word for ‘manliness’ and ‘courage’. Butler’s notion of the performative nature of gender (1988), allows for socially constructed definitions to be broken down as we enact new presentations that help redefine terms aligned with the contemporary collective understanding.

Model is Rulfur / @rulfur
Photographer & Camera work by Elena Cichetti / @elena.cichetti
Video work by Su Türktekin Özdemir / @su.o
Sound Design by Engin Eskiçi (DJ Baklava) / @dj_baklava
Marco Henri / @marco.henri.000

Garments by Stephanie Uhart / @stephanieuhart
FCLX / @studio_fclx
Alexjustspat / @alexjustspat