Antheia’s Funeral

KALTBLUT presents Antheia’s Funeral. “A homage to the Greek Grace as she is known for being the goddess of flowers. In this editorial, we heavily utilize flower arrangements and deep colors to set the mood of procession. We are a filmmaking and photography duo utilizing analog methods to express our vision.” Photographers & Directors are Polocho & Hev X. Styling by Milo Burgess. Art Direction by Fiorella Pomarino. Hair by Darren Ambrose & Clayde Baumann. Makeup by Jessi Cha. Models are Milo Burgess, Inés Aya Marino, Daniel Luke and Emily O’Donnell.

Photographers & Directors | Polocho @pol.ocho & Hev X @anotherreur
Styling by Milo Burgess @whoismilomax
Art Direction by Fiorella Pomarino @fiorellapomarino
Hair by Darren Ambrose @darrenambrose & Clayde Baumann @claydebaumann
MUA | Jessi Chan @jessichan.__
Models are
Milo Burgess @whoismilomax
Inés Aya Marino @eyeofaya
Daniel Luke @danieljamesluke
Emily O’Donnell @thisiskingh
Brands used:
Clothes | Vertice London @verticelondon