Aparan – An homage to old traditions through the lenses of modernity

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Art Direction and Styling by Arpiné Movsisyan. Photography by David Galstyan. Model is Luycci Yossifan. Make up by Arpine Galstyan. Hair by Narek Babayan. Text by Victoria Pisarenko.

The soviet culture is a common reference in contemporary culture. Even gen Z finds poorly renovated “hrushevkas” more attractive than the dream insta-penthouses. These types of old houses have been preserved in multiple post-soviet countries, including Armenia.

Usually, the time machine that can take one back to the “red era” is located in the area outside the capital. One of such places in Armenia is situated in a picturesque province of Aragatsotn — town Aparan. The location for the editorial took place in an apartment that was not even slightly touched by the change of the times. The explicit evidence of the influence of the Soviet era on the interior design of the location included electric blue sofa slipcover with frills, the abundance of carpets both on the floor and walls, and finally wooden beamed flooring.

The team who worked on this project was extremely diverse. It had people who managed to capture the soviet era in their childhood, and also those who studied it in the books. Besides, the age difference the members are representative of various Armenian diasporas. Despite cultural differences that formed due to living abroad for years these people still feel connected by their DNA. They tend to share the same passion and love for their turned apart motherland — Armenia.

The multicultural diverse background of creatives shaped a unique vision — an homage to old Armenia through the lenses of modernity. As was mentioned above the location for the editorial was an apartment with a preserved vintage spirit. The contrast was achieved by compilation of the current trends into a complete look mostly from local brands.
Text by Victoria Pisarenko

Art Direction and Styling by Arpiné Movsisyan / www.arpinemovsisyan.com Instagram: @mov6yan
Photography by David Galstyan / www.davitgalstyan.com / Instagram: @davgalstian
Model is Luycci Yossifan / Instagram: @lyucifa
Make up by Arpine Galstyan / Instagram: @_arpinee_galstyan_mua_
Hair by Narek Babayan // Instagram: @styledbynarek
Set Assistant Narine Haroyan / Instagram: @ncjy_
Production Assistant : Zhora Avakian/ Instagram: @avakianzh
Production Assistant :Yana Grigoryan / Instagram: @yannliegh
Text by Victoria Pisarenko / Instagram: @v.iczzz

Brands used are: Mary Stepanyan @marystepanyan_official / Hayk Ananyan @ananyan_is_real / She Jewelry @she_jewelry.am / 4tysevenjewelry @4tysevenjewelry / Saint Laurent @ysl / Sonya Avagyan @sonyavagyan / Femond @femond_official / Harmony Yerevan @harmonyyerevan / Jhangirian @_jhangirian_ / Millenial @millennial_showroom_ /
Skimlyam @skimlyams / NL Fashion @nlfashion_by_n