Aquarius! Photography by Jessie Crichton

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Jessie Crichton. Model is 10. Styling by Dalton Smit. Garments by Thomas Terblanche. Make-up by Anienke Smit.

“Over the years, I’ve naturally been drawn to creating soft, feminine and romantic imagery. Often times, I work alongside friends for the sake of creating art, much of which I hold dear to me. This particular story was photographed amongst the beautiful dunes of Sardinia Bay, Port Elizabeth. We worked in collaboration with NMU Fashion Graduate Thomas Terblanche, using pieces from his collection ‘Womanity’ to create a spectacular series titled ‘AQUARIUS.’” *Jessie Crichton 

Photography by Jessie Crichton / Instagram: @pomelpheus @jessie.crichton
Styling by Dalton Smit / Instagram: @dalton.smit
Garments by Thomas Terblanche / Instagram: @thomas_terblanche
Make-up by Anienke Smit / Instagram: @anienkesmit
Model is Robyn van der Merwe / Instagram: @spicycocktail