Are We Green?

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Virginija Vaiciulyte. Models are Yu Cai and Nazareth. ” The Editorial “Are We Green” was taken in Milan with 35mm camera with two amazing girls – Yu Cai and Nazareth. We discussed a lot about nowadays trend – being “green”. Do we really care about saving our planet or it’s just fashion of the moment?”

Avocado toasts, vegan mood, reusable cocktail straws…oh yes, it’s so fashioned nowadays to be Green!

But are we really Green?Fruit and vegetables packed in plastic? Plastic glasses for “green” smoothies. Avocados – their demand is so huge these days, that natural forests are converted into avocados plantations. What about exotic fruit and vegetable transportation? What resources does it require? What about polluted air by planes, trucks, ships..

Are we consistent about being Green?

Are we sure not to buy fast fashion garments to be fashion?

Are we sure not to buy new iPhones each year? Not to collect useless overpriced fashion bags and shoes? Are we really conscious of being Green or it’s just a trend of the moment

Photography by Virginija Vaiciulyte / Instagram: @virginijavaiciulyte
Models are Yu Cai / Instagram: @eeeeeelenaaaaaa
Nazareth / Instagram: @jesusitsnazareth
Style: Yu Cai / Instagram: @eeeeeelenaaaaaa