Video Premiere: Aron Blom – Six Years

Aron Blom is an aspiring Swedish artist and has already achieved success in the radio charts in Europe this year with his single Water. Today September 4th, Aron is releasing his personal ballad Six Years, which is particularly close to his heart.

Darling you’re perfect
Just as you are
I wish I said it enough
You’re hopelessly broken
And perfectly scarred
Hard to even think you’re gone

The track was composed in collaboration with songwriter Kamilla Bayrak and producer/songwriter Mattias Andréasson. The song is an emotional piece that deals with the loss of his best friend and the following mourning process.

photo by Alexander Collin

Blom in his own words: “Grief can take on many forms; beautiful memories give way to emptiness and dejection. This song is about how much happens in this process: certain things develop or change while others remain unshaken.”

Aron has had music around him all his life: his mother Maria Blom is a songwriter and singer and father Ola Nyström plays the guitar with the Weeping Willows. Aron debuted as a solo artist in 2019 with the single Low Low Low, which was promptly crowned “Song of the Week” by P4. The song was well received all around Europe, just like the following single King Kong. Before his solo debut, he was a songwriter for the Swedish duo JUNG and the Danish artist Christopher, with a couple of hits already under his belt.

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photo by Alexander Collin