Artist of the week: Manuel Moncayo


Introducing Berlin-based artist Manuel Moncayo and his amazing photography work. Manuel was born in Mexico in 1989. There he has worked as a creative director, trend researcher, concept creator and corporate image designer for fashion.

​”As a break from it I worked with my camera and began to publish a photo diary. It was followed by books and publications.”

2021 has been a productive year: publications, online exhibitions, collaborations with peers, exhibitions abroad, an art residency and the possibility to keep my project afloat. For this I have to thank my clients, curators, and people who believe in my work. 

The year ends in an unexpected turn of events, a few days ago my Instagram account was hacked and erased, never to be recovered. This means the loss of countless working hours and the possibility to stay connected with people who have been supporting my process. 

But let’s not dwell on the negative … so for the time being I have created a new Instagram account under the first nickname I ever used on the platform: dreamsasreality, this as an omen of good beginnings.