Artist Of The Week: Polly Nor

May I introduce you to Polly Nor?! An artist that reflects on the epidemic of female anxiety in the internet age. Polly Nor draws the demons that live inside of all women. She says: “I draw women and their demons.” – Her recent body of work features a range of hand drawn illustration, digital illustration, sculpture and installation work. Interweaving themes of identity, female sexuality and emotional turmoil throughout her work, Nor is inspired by her own female experience of life in the internet-age. Her Illustrations often tell stories of anxiety, complicated relationships and the struggle for self-acceptance. #weloveit. Check her online shop for some amazing art work on bags, T-shirts, cards and and …

Since graduating in 2011 she has put on two solo exhibitions in London, “Sorry Grandma” (2016) at 71a Gallery and “It’s Called Art Mum, Look It Up” (2017) at Protein studios, As well as exhibiting in various group shows in the UK, Berlin and the US including “NSFW: The Female Gaze” at The Museum Of Sex, New York.