Artist of the week: Sébastien Notre

Sébastien Notre is a  young french artist, ex Central St Martins student and actually based in Milan. Sébastien does paintings, collages and sculptures.  You can identify a signature style through his productions. His unique style is clearly reflected in his works.

KALTBLUT : You do paintings, sculptures and collages.. Tell us about your creative background-How did it all start?
Sébastien: I first studied womenswear design at Central St Martins. During my studies I realised that I preferred to do collages or paintings rather than draw clothes. When I left school I decided to devote myself entirely to painting and artistic activities.

KALTBLUT : I like the fact that your paintings are actually related to your sculptures and drawings, Can you tell us about your creative process. Do you think first about the subject of your creation of it is first about how yo gonna do it, which medium are you gonna use…
Sébastien: I work by envy and I create things because I feel the need to possess them. I list elements I like in notebooks then I give them life in my way, I develop. Sometimes I move completely away from the original idea but it does not bother me. The thought cant be something fixed. Sculpture allows me to give a new dimension to my work. I find it fascinating to be able to hold and manipulate something that came out of my head.

KALTBLUT:  Speaking of mediums, which one is your favourite and why?
Sébastien: For paint, I only use watercolour that I mix more or less with white acrylic while constantly holding the tube in my hand. When I do sculptures, I like to use clay or fabrics which are rather docile materials.

KALTBLUT:  There is a strong sexual tension in your work, what inspires this?
Sébastien: It is in sex that human is the most true. It’s a topic that I like just as I like the idea of tension. But sometimes people see sexual tension in my work, where I only see a sleeping nude.

KALTBLUT: What is the message you want to get cross to viewers of your work ?
Sébastien: I have no message to deliver through my work, no lessons to give to the viewer. I just try to find solutions that can provide us pleasure. Painting allows me to create what I don’t have, to be where i can’t go. I extract from life the very few elements that I like and i exaggerate them, I force them to cohabit. I try to create a new dimension that would only be composed by these elements. If the viewers adhere to this proposal and come to desire it just as I desire it, then it would make me rather happy.

KALTBLUT : What is your ultimate goal?
Sébastien: I want to make everything bigger, to materialise to the maximum what I have in my mind. I think, in a fairly primary way, that bigger has more of an impact, more effect, more pleasure. I want to give to myself the opportunity to be seriously delirious.