Atlas United 2024: Ukraine’s Music Festival Returns two years into Russia’s full-scale invasion

Provided by PR.

Atlas United 2024, Ukraine’s biggest music festival, is back this summer, headlined by Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation. This marks the festival’s first return since Russia’s full-scale invasion, aiming to raise 100 million UAH (roughly 2.3 million Euro) for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Held at Blockbuster Mall in Kyiv from July 12-14, Atlas United promises an impressive line-up. Sharon den Adel will perform with GOSORCHESTRA and a choir, presenting new arrangements by Ukrainian composer Maria Yaremak.

Within Temptation, known for their support of Ukraine, has shown solidarity through their music, including their song “Raise Your Banner” and the charity track “A Fool’s Parade.” Sharon den Adel’s visit to Kyiv for the music video was a testament to the band’s dedication to the Ukrainian cause.

Photo provided by PR.

The festival also features Lithuanian act Beissoul & Einius, Japanese act heavenphetamine, and over 70 Ukrainian artists, including BOOMBOX, ARTEM PIVOVAROV, and ONUKA. Additionally, Ukraine’s emerging stand-up comedy scene will be showcased.

With the goal of supporting the Armed Forces and humanitarian initiatives, Atlas United ensures attendee safety with the country’s largest certified shelter on-site.

When: July 12-14, 2024
Where: Blockbuster Mall, 36 Stepan Bandera Avenue, Kyiv, Ukraine

Follow @atlasweekend to keep up with the festival. Tickets available here. You can donate to support the Armed Forces here.