Attributes and Equipment Used By Professional Digital Artists

The equipment’s and software’s that are used by digital artists are many and vary based on their attributes. The different varieties of tools are aimed at helping you to come up with unique pieces of digital art. Some of the equipment that can be used need to have various platforms like Windows, macOS, iPad, Linux among others.

This article lists the best digital art and illustration programs together with their attributes to help you pick the right one. Something to note is that some of these programs are free while others require payment to be accessible. Hence, you can choose depending on your budget. Fortunately, even work done manually can be saved on online platforms. Therefore, you do not need to worry if you do not have these programs as an artist.



It is a crucial device for every artist, especially those who prefer to paint their art manually. The equipment is useful as it captures their artwork and creates an electronic version that can be viewed and even edited on a computer. Luckily, there are scanners that can handle larger artwork; hence you do not need to worry about how to digitize your masterpiece. Besides, through scanning, you can be able to reproduce your work and share with others.


ArtRage 5

This program is only accessible in windows or macOS platforms. It is excellent for digital painters and illustrators as it offers realistic looking paint. Also, it’s fun working with, and its output looks incredible. Besides that it is flexible in that digital artists using Photoshop will find it useful. It focuses on natural media and painting, and with the latest edition, you can access customer brushes, filters, and layers among others. The program goes for $79.


It is a free, open-source program that can be accessed in devices with Linux, MacOS or Windows. It has a customized interface where the panels and dockers can be set up to increase your flow. The tool offers brush engines, but you can also import other brushes and share yours. It has some other features like the brush stabilizer that enables you to make your lines to be smooth every time.


It can be used on some platforms like the macOS and windows. It is a software that will enable you to unleash your creativity. Besides, it is very stable, and you need to pay $ 20.99 per month to use it. You can be able to share your data or output across your devices since it is part of an adobe creative cloud suite. It makes it easier for you to come up with digital art and graphic designs based on your creativity.

TwistedBrush Pro Studio

They come packed with at least 9,000 brushes, and on top of that, you can create your brushes. On top of that, the TwistedBrush pro studio is only accessible in digital equipment with windows. TwistedBrush is tailor-made and has masks, layers, transparency, image filters, and export and import options among others. Besides, it has a drawing tablet support that is pressure sensitive and has a high precision sampling. Also, the extensive brush collection is not free of charge and costs almost $118.80.

All these programs make it possible for digital artists to carry on their activities. However, you should only acquire a program that is compatible with your device. Besides, it should also meet your needs and expectations to ensure that the end product is what you expect.

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