AWAYTOMARS Fall / Winter 18/19

A KALTBLUT. favourite from #ModaLisboa 50. AWAYTOMARS unveiled a very colorful new mens and womenswear collection in Portugal. Founded in 2015, AWAYTOMARS has been wildly successful in its mission to build an international community of creative talents. We love it. “The starting point for this collection was outer space” they added, and yes the colorful prints and the cuts of the clothes look very futuristic. At the same time the concept was also the pretext for a reflection on space that separates and on borders that divide, so there is a social message behind the space-age inspiration. For this collection AWAYTOMARS teamed up with shoe maker and artist Melissa Brasil to create sandals and clogs that alternate PVC and glitter effect. Watch the full show below. All photos by Ugo Camera.

AWAYTOMARS puts the power to create in people’s hands; a movement for a new global aesthetic, where there is no I, only We. The online platform is available for a constant exchange of ideas and the possibilities for contributions to the creative industry are endless.

It starts with the idea, posted on the co-creation forum, getting the oxygen it deserves. The good ones get noticed, discussed, mulled over. Clever minds add their own slant and expertise. The design is honed and shaped, polished and finessed until it’s ready. AWAYTOMARS creates the prototype and manufacture the final piece in just the right amount. All the people who had a hand in its creation are rewarded.

AWAYTOMARS are the biggest fashion collection in the world and through co-creation, they reflect the coming together of multiple cultures in one brand.