#ModaLisboa! AWAYTOMARS unveiled its new Spring/Summer 2019 collection DRAWN BY LIGHT in Lisbon. Co-created by 809 designers. Founded in 2015, AWAYTOMARS has been wildly successful in its mission to build an international community of creative talents. AWAYTOMARS puts the power to create in people’s hands; a movement for a new global aesthetic, where there is no I, only We. The online platform is available for a constant exchange of ideas and the possibilities for contributions to the creative industry are endless.


“Light, the natural agent that stimulates sight and enables all things to become visible. We initially explored how light reflects and refracts off surfaces such as diamonds, which we translated into a line of cohesive digital prints. During the co-creation phase of our collection, the AWAYTOMARS collective suggested we look at the history of filmography and the ways imagery can be documented through light. This suggestion transformed the foundations of our collection.

The early origins of film, and introduction of colour in the nineteenth century, have had a large influence on the collection. This era represents a technical high point in film colouring, when silent movies first explored the use of colour through the delicate process of hand painting individual film slides, often using an explosive array of dyes.

The colours chosen for our collection are heavily inspired by the early developments of synthetic aniline dyes, such as the deep purple colourant Mauveine created by British chemist William Henry Perkin in 1856. During this era, such hues flooded the market with aniline-dyed magic lantern slides and tinted theatrical lighting that illuminated public entertainment halls. Newly created fashions of aniline-coloured fabrics and the revolution of coloured print brought euphoria of colour to the nineteenth century’s public places.

With new technical advances in the textile print industry, we are employing sustainable methods of digital printing to reimagine that period of colour’s discovery into a cohesive and explosive summer collection.”

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Photos: Ugo Camera


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