Back to my roots – A graduate collection by Shenhav Yaish

#OneToWatch – ” My collection talks about the attitude of the homogenous society towards the other. I grew up in a small, modest neighbourhood and was educated in a nearby wealthy neighbourhood. This caused me to spend most of my childhood in denial of my oriental descent, wanting to belong, to be the same as my classmates, but I was often reminded that I did not.”

“In the collection, I wanted to express the feeling of who I am today, a combination of East and West. I created a Ready To Wear Women’s collection that combines Yemenite inspired patterns and richness through the colours, fabrics and embroideries with elements taken from the Western suit.
I chose to photograph the collection in a home-like environment. The photographs were taken in different rooms inside an antique-style house. Along with the natural lighting, I wanted to convey the feelings of belonging, comfort and warmth.”

Fashion Designer: Shenhav Yaish @shenhavyaish
Photographer: Eirad Netzer @eiradnetzer
Model: Sabina Goorg @sabinagroog
Hair & Makeup: Gaya Yaffe @gayayaffe