Backstage at Béhen F/W 21 – I WANT YOU SO BAD

MODALISBOA COMUNIDADE – LAB! In the treasure, love. In love, desire. “I want you so bad” focuses on the ardent discovery of post-innocence. Intertwine in fairy tales to discover the world in images of smell and warm wind. Like a treasure, like love, like a wish, it is a golden story that carries the sounds of all the legends. “I want you so bad” is the fire that only dreams can ignite, lying in rich textures of tapestries, experiencing the limits of the possible, such as marbling made in partnership with the Ricardo Espírito Santo Foundation and accessories that are born from CEAGAGÊ’s passion.

“I Want You so Bad” is marked by bordeaux tones, details in black, gold, hints of green and blue without ever leaving the eternal pink.

Materials from all over the world, Portuguese bed covers but also from Macau, velvet carpets used as flying carpets and natural silks from French palaces.

A master’s degree in London and a long trip through India planted an ever-growing skein of ideas in Joana Duarte‘s mind. The fashion designer was then lost in distant lands of dreams, slowly entangling herself in a love affair with untold stories. Songs were sung by characters from the most diverse corners of the world, adventures narrated by fabrics that traverse the globe, and even chronicles adorned with crystals, saris, doilies and all kinds of embroideries. Out of these treasures found in her grandmother’s chest or in flea markets and antique shops, Joana creates fashion for this day and age. But she doesn’t do it alone: a banner of the connection of women through textiles, BÉHEN collaborates with small communities of woman artisans to give the rags of yore a second life. Thus is spun the romantic tale between the brand and the fashion that favours time, skill, beauty and durability. And from there sprout the seeds for a richer, more ethical and more sustainable world too.