Backstage at BONDY A/W22-23 – METANOIA

#BerlinFashionWeek! In this collection, BONDY is discussing society’s syndrome of human self-optimisation. In the era of “becoming that girl” and online ego presentation, we appear to be socially evolved, while things around us are much worse than they’ve ever been before. All photos by Jakob Jurkošek.


“We present the façade of improving oneself and enlightened attitudes, while the world is burning. This presents a dichotomy between ourselves and our relationship to the world around us.

We strive to become the perfect version of ourselves, but the image slowly crumbles, becoming deformed and dystopian. Through the soft beige colours and BONDYS trademark tulle dresses, the collection starts off as unsullied and unexpectedly beautiful. This association quickly dissolves itself through heavy and dark fabrics and bizarre details expressed through unconventional materials, quickly turning the collection-‘s light and pretty starting point into a dystopian scenario.

Through collaborations with the digital artist 11v151131_m06 (who created our prints with AI software), and the artist Niklas Jeroch (who developed the 3D printed hardware for our bags), the AW 22/23 collection of BONDY has unusual darkness that contrasts with the designer’s usual colourful dream world. Metanoia is a call to action to work united, as it mirrors the direct outcome if we become too caught up in our pursuit of individual perfection.

In order to improve society, humans need to improve themselves first. An individual rebirth must happen before societal shifts can start to make an avid change. A good society is composed of “realized” individuals. As we look at reshaping society, what do we discover about the relationship between ourselves and a world in shambles?”