Backstage at Kilian Kerner Spring/Summer 2025

Happy Birthday Kilian Kerner! The designer shattered expectations on July 3, 2024, at Berlin Fashion Week by presenting his dazzling new collection, “Herz im Kopf,” in partnership with lingerie connoisseurs, mey. The Uber Eats Music Hall was set ablaze with his 54-look spectacle that elevated his two-decade-long reign in fashion.

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All backstage photos by Paulina Jarosinska
provided by #BFW

Kilian Kerner’s 20-Year Reign:
A Retrospective at Berlin Fashion Week

From runway glamour to casual daywear, Kerner’s collection fused opposite worlds where elegance courted athleticism, and sensuality danced with resilience. Denim, sequins, and floral elements pushed boundaries, epitomizing the eclectic vibes Kerner is celebrated for.

For 20 years, Kilian Kerner has been an avant-garde visionary. This Berlin maven not only sold his unique lines in 14 countries but also journeyed through illustrious collaborations with industry giants like Nike and Villeroy & Boch. Kerner’s avant-garde aesthetics have captivated audiences in fashion metropolises like New York, Paris, and London. His relentless exhibitions at Berlin Fashion Week since 2008 confirm his prestigious mantle as a cornerstone of Berlin’s fashion elite.