Backstage at Mark Fast S/S22 at London Fashion Week

All photos by Maria Biardzka. Mark Fast unveiled the new S/S22 collection at LFW. A journey through the hedonism of ’90s British subcultures was what Mark Fast proposed this season, with a high-octane collection that dialed up the sex factor. //

Maria Biardzka is a London based photographer, shooting on 35mm with Zenit 11 and digital with Nikon cameras. She has experience shooting at Cannes Film Festival and London Fashion Week, and loves collaborating with different creative industries: except for fashion and film-related photoshoots, she also shot for Universal Music UK and Christie’s. Before getting into photography, she worked with a Polish art start-up iTon Society, where she co-authored an art book “W ramie” for children. As the co-author of the children book, she organised art workshops at a few art festivals (e.g. at the Children Art Book Festival in Bialystok, Poland, 2017). Finally, more in a form of artsy leisure, she co-directed and co-starred in two humorous Polish disco videos. //