Backstage at Maximilian Gedra Spring/Summer 2025

Berlin Fashion Week! Maximilian Gedra embodies the art of resilience. The art of self-advocacy. The art of confidence and empowerment through fashion. The new collection celebrates individuals in their most powerful forms. Bold shapes and futuristic materials, create the perfect attire for those who are confident in their desires. All backstage photos by Anasteisha Danger for #BFW.

“We celebrate the diversity of humanity through the most extravagant creations and continually evolve our vision. At Maximilian Gedra, we stand for breaking down gender normativity. We visualize the power of individuality by boldly extending the body and pushing silhouettes to their limit. Our designs pay homage to Berlin’s fashion freedom, featuring both dominant leathers and sophisticated shapes, transforming the ordinary into Extreme Classics. These enduring pieces timelessly blend elements of the past, present, and future. Lovingly handmade in our Berlin atelier, we are dedicated to sustainable, high-quality local production.”

All backstage photos by Anasteisha Danger for #BFW @anasteishaaa_danger