Backstage at The Secret Code of Fashion New Talent Show

#FEERICFASHIONWEEK! Have a backstage view on: The Secret Code of Fashion New Talent Show! The theme ‘’The Future of Fashion Industry’’ boldly dives into one of the most current highlights of the moment, the FUTURE. Specifically, the relation between young designers and established institutions from fashion industry. #FEERICTeam challenge participants and visitors to break existing barriers between young designers and artists and RULES by way of using fashion nowadays. All photos by ANCIRA ADEON.

Feeric Fashion Week was founded in 2018 by Mitichi, photographer and art director, and is based in Sibiu –Transylvania, in Romania. The event is covered by a lot of international press. Many international designers and guests are impressed by the fact that particular places from Transylvania are transformed in creative catwalks. ‘’Feeric’’ means ‘’magic’’ in Romanian and the name derived from the magical beauty of the Small Square of Sibiu, already famous for tourists. Particular locations like the airport, ZOO garden, railways depot, lakes, pasta or candies factories, castles, streets, rivers, bridges, libraries or stone quarries became in the past, catwalks for more than 40 designers from 20 different countries from all over the world.


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