Bandido! Photography by Cristian Lorenzoni

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Cristian Lorenzoni. Fashion by Chema Diaz. Shoes by Balenciaga. Model is Desmond Blending. BANDIDO is a cultural reappropriation of Spanish traditional imagery, symbolism and pop culture through a queer perspective. Such symbols have been appropriated by the most rancid far-right movements who are homophobic, transphobic, sexist, racist and classist. These groups are scarily taking more and more power in today’s politics, and they use symbols such as the flag to divide us.

“My purpose with this collection is to show my own vision of what my country is, as a Spanish immigrant living in London. I can’t put away where I come from, from where and who I am today. I want to show the world that my country is far more than that, to give visibility to my Spanish queen icons like Cristina La Veneno or Ocaña, whose stories are incredible and who were such understated culture forces in our history.” *Cristian Lorenzoni 

Photography by Cristian Lorenzoni @azazelc /
Fashion by Chema Diaz @iamchemadiaz /
Model is Desmond Blending @desmond_blanding