BE STILL – F/W 16/17

A KALTBLUT exclusive from Poland. Photographer Grzegorz Mikrut captured Jeremi, Paul @Orange and Luna for us. All fashion by WYZA – ,,BE STILL” F/W 16/17! The collection is inspired by the expression of emotions through gestures and a ladder which symbolizes the heel to the top, but the ladder breaks and sometimes you have to get up to go on. The collection includes prints made by hand by the designer, bearing the inscription this sentence,,Moje myśli są niczym” (,,My mind is nothing”). It means that our thought are nothing witchout acts. The project was the method used pinch and sewing to show inspiration in a different way. Collection,, Be still ” is also a collection of designer diploma in school MSKPU.

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Designer: WYZA and @Facebook

MODELS: Jeremi, Paul/Orange, Luna

Hair Design by Jarosław Pęczek
Styling: Ewelina Droździuk
Set design:

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