Behind the Scenes of SOS by Domiziana and Jasmin Wagner

Welcome to an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes of the captivating music video production for “SOS” by talented artists Domiziana and Jasmin Wagner. Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey, capturing the essence of their mesmerizing collaboration through the lens of Valerio Amato, a 24-year-old photographer and law student based in the vibrant city of Berlin.

With a keen eye for storytelling and an undeniable passion for music, Valerio Amato expertly captures the raw emotions and intricate details that bring this music video to life. Through his lens, we delve into the exciting world of music as it intertwines with artistry, fashion, and creativity.

Guided by the vision of director Adam Munnings and produced by Spingun Media GmbH, the team behind “SOS” spared no effort in creating a visual masterpiece that complements the powerful lyrics and dynamic rhythm of the song. Witness the meticulously designed sets, avant-garde fashion choices, and the spirited performances of Domiziana and Jasmin Wagner.

But a music video production is never complete without the contributions of various professionals who collaborate behind the scenes. From the talented models Flavio di Sapio and Alyosa Forlini to the skilled crew members, such as executive producers Danila Teterin and Torge Hill, and producer Mara McMaster, the intricate web of creative minds weaves together, ensuring a seamless execution of the artistic vision.

Photography by Valerio Amato / Instagram: @va.amato

The Artists involved
Domiziana / Instagram: @domiziana
Jasmin Wagner / Instagram: @jasminwagnerofficial

Four Music / Instagram: @fourmusic

The models involved
Flavio di Sapio / Instagram: @karmadisapio
Alyosa Forlini / Instagram: @aljoshka_puchinskj

The director is Adam Munnings / Instagram: @adammunnings
Produced by Spingun Media GmbH / Instagram: @spingunmedia

Executive Producer is Danila Teterin / Instagram: @dan.teterin
Executive Producer is Torge Hill / Instagram: @torgehill
The producer is Mara McMaster / Instagram: @maramcmaster
1. AD is Phoenix Chase-Meares / Instagram: @phoenixchasem

Make-Up Lead (Domiziana) is Sarah Hartgens / Instagram: @sarahhartgens
HMU Lead (Jasmin Wagner) is Anelia Janeva / Instagram: @aneliajaneva_official
Hair Lead is Soh / Instagram: @soh_hair_

Stylist is Esteban Pomar / Instagram: @esteban_pomar
Stylist Assistant is Emre Tolanboga / Instagram: @dexter0934

Clothing designs by Haderlump Berlin / Instagram:
Nick Tschurov / Instagram. @nick.scov
Taskin Goec x Maison LYX / Instagrams: @taskingoec x @maison.lyx
necklace by @meticulous__mess

Director of Photography: Kimani Schumann @kimanischumann

1. Assistant of Camera (1. AC): Michelle Romero Pasternack – @michelleromeropasternack
2.Assistant of Camera (2.AC): Finnegan Wagner – @finneganwagner_ac

Steadycam: Konstantin Kann –

Gaffer/OBERBELEUCHTER: Philip Schröter – @elmarinolighting
Alex Watson – @unoriginal_alx
Elisa Daniel – @elisadaniel18
Ashton Green – @ashton__green