Beijing Club Documentary

Photographer Tom Selmon has spend two nights in one of Beijing’s most affluent clubs: Club Sir Teen! Filled with a new generation of Chinese youth with a lot of money to spend. Usually photography is banned in the club but as Tom was with the performers – the dance group is called Temainvader and he was allowed to take pictures –  to paint an image of the the vibe and aesthetic of the club. Have a look at Tom´s: Beijing Club Documentary! 

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Photography by Tom Selmon
Tom Selmon is a Beijing based photographer from London.  Tom challenges the constraints of typical gender roles with his photography, always focusing on beauty and styling above gender. His main focus is creating intimacy and raw impact in his work, he doesn’t look to create contrived imagery.  Documentation of generations is something that fascinates Tom, whether it be within queer culture or Fashion week, as long as the images he is creating are aesthetically strong and reflect a time period, then thats what matters most. Street casting also plays a major role in executing his work, he likes using models on either extremes of the scale, people who own their beauty and people who are unaware of their beauty. Either one can deliver a truthful sense of power and emotion, and that is what he ultimately seeks as a photographer.