#BeMyAlly – Klarna and Stilnest present a queer jewellery collection to support the LGBTQIA + community.

The world needs more queer thinkers: The LGBTQIA + * community is still confronted with prejudice and intolerance. Klarna and the Berlin jewelry label Stilnest are therefore starting a new campaign with #BeMyAlly, which focuses on allyship for the queer community and draws attention to social grievances.

What is #BeMyAlly? To be an ally means to be an ally, to show solidarity with people from marginalized groups. Allyship is a code of conduct to be active against discrimination against minorities like the LGBTQIA + and BIPoC ** community. Klarna has made this allyship an international flag and is committed to acceptance and diversity both internally and in public perception for the LGBTQIA + and BIPoC community. For example, Klarna Germany cooperated with the Berlin ballroom scene last year under the motto “Be how you love it!” and Klarna USA put drag queens at the center of the campaign with “Shop like a Queen”.

As part of #BeMyAlly, Klarna gives four queer personalities a stage to bring important community issues closer to a broader public – and with a lot of bling! Bling! The four talents Antony Franz (@antony_franz), Ebru Düzgün (@ ebow.mp3), Tarik (@tesfu_tarik) and Phenix (@thisisphenix) were allowed to let their creativity run free with a carte blanche.

They also took advantage of this freedom and created four individual pieces of jewelry, the designs of which are based on personal experiences, emotional stories and beliefs. The focus is on the topics of sexuality, racism, stereotypes and gender roles. The choice fell on jewelry because something valuable, permanent and positive is associated with it, just like the stories of the talents. Jewelry is also gender-free and can be worn by everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, skin color or religion. The aim of the campaign is to motivate buyers to become an ally of the queer community and to show this loud and proud – #BeMyAlly.

  • Inner Strength Necklace (UVP 200 €) designed by @antony_franz
  • Flowing Together Ring (UVP 110 €) designed by @ebow.mp3
  • BYE BYE Bracelet (UVP 270 €) designed by @tesfu_tarik
  • Queerrings by Phenix (UVP 290 €) designed by @thisisphenix