With ‘Tritoness & The Scent of Rain’ benzii tells the story of heartache and restlessness

Inspired by the delicate fusion of Ethereal Future-Pop and Techno, the young Berlin-based benzii conveys an acoustic and lyrical message; a message of profound poetry and honest expression. A cocktail of emotions just waiting to be shaken to explode. Fascinated by the parallels between the power and unpredictability of water and emotions, benzii wrote an odyssey of a love story, set in the aquatic world of Tritoness. This world is ruled by stirring emotions and the desire to make ultimate decisions in hopes of finding clearance in muddy waters. Infused with a soundscape that could not have better-underscored benzii’s captivating lyricism.

From fast sweeping dance tracks, like “Tides”, to dark experimental avant-garde pop, heard in “Drip Drop”, “Tritoness & The Scent of Rain” offers an impressive complexity within just five tracks, which couldn’t be more different and cohesive. The common thread is clear: the touching story of “Tritoness & The Scent of Rain”, a recurring water soundscape, fearlessness of genre-blending, as well as benzii’s unique voice and heartbreaking honesty.

Starting with the eponymous spherical intro track, Tritoness alias benzii lets listeners dive into the world of hers. The water surface consists of glitchy spoken word poetry and siren-like melodies, which can be understood as a blurb of the story of Tritoness.

The driving focus track “Tides” represents the first chapter of the narrative, introducing the protagonist Tritoness, from the third person. A being of the sea that strives for poignant intensity, as powerful as the tides of the ocean.

From the second passage on, you hear the protagonist Tritoness from her own perspective again. “Drip Drop” embraces both a gloomy throbbing sound, overwhelming emotions and a haunting sensuality which cannot be satisfied.

Followed by an emotional future-pop sound, Tritonessa embarks in “Uncertain Cold” on a search for stability and security in unpredictable spheres, in which she wonders whether she should fight or run away: Should she take the leap into cold water? Or should she walk the tightrope of indecisiveness leading her to further uncertainty?

With “Drop Teardrops,” benzii surprises with an ethereal finale. One could almost think she is tired of the many riddles, detaching herself from the demand for answers, but not from hope, as one can hear from her lyric line “give me proof that you care, I want to believe”.

“Tritoness & The Scent of Rain” is a story about the longing for rain, which always seems to announce itself, but never streams down on Tritoness to quench her thirst for answers. Together with producers Geistha and RGB1, benzii wrote an EP that acoustically, lyrically, and visually transports listeners into their own little universe, shaped by longing and mysticism.

Transparency and honesty are hard to find these days. The search for it led to “benzii”: an identity that embraces the gloomy entropy of life with everlasting melancholy. This mixture led to the creation of songs that have their own unique character. Her debut album “Bare Skin” was released on 26.08.2022.

Besides her own project, benzii collaborated with techno artists* like Luca Eck and founded a multi-genre collective called “Nemesis” together with other fe*male artists (emi x, SlushhKitten, Fiese Luise), which supports FLINTA artists.


Photos by @msalip

Tritoness & The Scent of Rain is out now: https://bfan.link/tritoness-the-scent-of-rain